Kvesheti-Kobi Road Project - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of the Kvesheti-Kobi Road Project?

2. What are the main advantages of the Kvesheti-Kobi Road Project?

3. What does the Kvesheti-Kobi Road Project include?

4. What is the cost of the project and what is its source of funding?

5. When will construction begin and how long will it last?

6. Which companies carry out construction works?

7. From an economic point of view, how profitable is it for the state to invest the aforementioned amount of loan for the indicated section of the road? How will it benefit Georgian economy?

8. How was the route selected?

9. Has the construction of the railway been discussed in the process of researching alternatives? And if so – why was this idea rejected?

10. How were construction companies selected?

11. What methods will be used in the construction?

12. What route does the road cover and which villages will be included in the project area?

13. The road will pass close to the volcanic zone. How dangerous is it?

14. Does the highway include access roads to small settlements?

15. Why was the existing road not rehabilitated? And was it necessary to build a highway?

16. What alternatives were considered for this route and why were they rejected?

17. Does the project provide a walkway for pedestrians?

18. How will noise and vibration problems be regulated during the construction process?

19. Will the opinion of the local population be taken into account in the construction planning process?

20. What kind of benefits will the local population receive as a result of the implementation of this project?

21. What are the benefits of the new road in terms of car safety?

22. How will the project help develop tourism in the region?

23. There are many natural habitats in the project area. How will they be protected?

24. There are numerous cultural heritage sites and cemeteries in the valley. How will they be protected?

25. How is the land registration/ compensation process conducted? Does the state take into account the interests of the population?

26. Has the construction of the new Kvesheti-Kobi road already started and at what stage is the work?

27. Are vacancies being announced within the project and how much is the pay?